Welcome to the Atlanta Telephone History web site. This is a nonprofit, educational web site, devoted to the history of telephone service in the Atlanta, Georgia area. From the very first wooden, box phone in 1877 to the introduction of digital switching systems in 1983, you will find a detailed account of the technical and human aspects of the evolution of telephone communications in the city.

Narrative History Section

Part 1 Early Telephone Service - 1877 to 1922
Part 2 Dial Service - 1923 to 1951
Part 3 Long Distance Advances - 1952 to 1960
Part 4 Expanded Local Calling - 1955 to 1964
Part 5 New Services - 1960 to 1979
Part 6 Reorganization - 1980 to 2000

Central Office Histories and Technical

Offices Metro Atlanta Map and Office Details
Ringing and Tones Ringing Equipment and Tone Samples

Additional Sections

Georgia Telephone History for Other Parts of Georgia
Links Links to Other Sites about Telephone History
References References and Author
Glossary Glossary of Telephone Terms
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